Saturday 12 July 2014

5SOS concert tickets - GOT THEM!

I really got them this Wednesday because im a freak and subscribed to their newsmail and got the code for presale, but i GOT THEM!
I was sitting at 10am where they went on sale and the freaking code didn't work at first. All the good tickets were gone when i finally got in. I was so angry at myself for a long time i tell you!!

Today... or tomorrow....well Friday! The rest of the tickets got sold in a few hours after the "real sale" started so im pretty happy with my tickets now that i think of the other shitty places to sit.... yes... SIT.

One does not simply sit down at a concert?! Well maybe if it is acoustic like when i saw Bryan Adams... but this? Really? Im pretty sure im stading up the secound they go on stage...

Also one of my struggles... my camera is too big.. i'm not allow to take it with me! How do i deal with this? It's so frustrating!

Now i will go on vacation and leave you with some fanart by moi!

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