Thursday 5 November 2015

Halloween this year!

Nothing much was going on but it was very cozy.
Only a few friends was here and we were watching "scary movies" and I bought a lot of weird halloween snacks for us. Actually we didn't get to see the movie i most of all wanted to see. I have never seen Hocus Pocus but we started it and it crashed and we gave up because we were to tired to wait for it to work.
Denmark is still not the place for Halloween so we don't have children walking around and asking for candy so to do SOMETHING to make it a bit scary we went outside in the awkward dark tried to make my camera work and took some creepy pictures. We did a little makeup (ok maybe a little lot) to make it better. I really don't hope my neighbors could see us running around in the wet backyard with a ladder to hold the camera, some camping chairs and a lit pumpkinhead.

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