Tuesday 16 June 2015

Karup å marked 2015

Yet another year with Lars Lilholt band! Though this have been the most stressfull marked weekend i have ever had.
It is kind of a tradition that the whole family is coming to our campsite where the Karup Å Marked is every year in the middle of june. I have been using my whole week for baking, because it is part of the tradition and my grandparents simply love when i bake for them.

I was crazy enough to thing i should bake a cheesecake which takes days to make, if you make them the right way. (Hummingbird bakery recipe) My mom wanted my "famous" white chocolate and cranberry cookies and then i tried to make french nougat (didn't end up that good). So it was kind of a project.

The festivity started already friday but i had to work Friday untill 6pm and work from 10am Saturday, so i stayed at home friday, because i didn't want to drive to work from the campsite and i don't really sleep that well out there. So i had to speed frem work (not really) Saturday and i got there half an hour after the rest of my family (Thank you old man who drove so fucking slow in front of me all the way from work to the campsite) and i felt bad, because my family didn't want to drink coffee or eat the cake before i came. They just sat there.

When the famile went home, one of my dads old friends came and started to drink really much. He is annoying enough already and i don't understand a word he is saying because he speaks like a redneck. So the drinking was just a pain in my ass. Luckly i had a few friend coming to get me and i could spend some time with them before i had to eat dinner.

The concert was not the best. For the first time in the.. well more than 10 years i have been to these concerts.. it was raining like hell. Everyone was wet and cold and had umbrellas with them. (Video)
Also it was quite slippery. A drunk lady broke her ankel right it front of us because she was dancing around. 4 first aid people came to get her, because she was quite big. Luckly me friend Camilla found me again and we saw the rest of the concert together in the rain.

Better pictures didn't i get this year. I didn't want to take any camera with me in the rain.

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