Monday 29 June 2015

All Time Low - Tinderbox - 28th June

Like most of the younger danish population i went to a music festival this weekend. My friend Maja and I got our tickets a while back when we heard that All Time Low would come to the festival.

All Time Low is not that big in Denmark, so it was kind of strange that they came here to a Festival and played the smallest stage there. I'm pretty sure that they play some huge stages in US and UK. They played already at the afternoon which is for the "smaller artists". I was pretty offended that such a big band for me was so small for everone else but yeah.

We arrived pretty early to stand in the front row. So we were in the front to a band before All Time Low that we didn't know. They were not bad, but it was pretty awkward to stand in front when you can't sing along to any of the songs.

I was a wreck when we could see Alex's blue hair backstage. I always starts to shake before a conert i have been looking forward to for so long. 
They made a pretty chill entrance and soon Jack became the whole party of the stage. He was so funny through the whole concert. He was running around the stage and infront of the stage. He crawled up and down the stage right in front of Maja and I all the time. I totally froze everytime he did is, so i didn't even get any good pictures of him standing right in front of me x.x *sigh*

Jack got a danish graduation cap at some point and had it on for a few songs. Excitingly stating that he graduated. He also collected all the bras people threw on the stage and had a little onesided conversation with a half naked guy laying close to the concert area. Later Alex agreed that we all could make sweet loving backstage. All in all a very awesome and humorous concert.

(Sorry any missspells but i am currently listing to All Time Low and did more than once start to write lyrics in the middle of everything and deleted it again)

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