Thursday 22 January 2015

Planning a trip before you get the money

Am i the only one doing this?
I'm not rich. I don't think any in my age is, but i have sooo many travel dreams i can't get out of my head and i can't ecape them again!
I can't afford to travel at the moment, but day after day i'm looking up new places to go and what to see at these places. I have pages of likes to adventures things i want to do around the world, in case i should have the money some day.

I have page up and page down of places in Japan/Tokyo i want to go shopping and what i want to eat while im there.
I have a list of adrenaline filled things i can do when i one day will get to New Zealand. And of course i have to visit The Shire when im there!

But right now im trying to find something not so expensive and put away those big dreams. I want to go somewhere this summer but it's hard to find something cheap without ending up on a shitty hostel in the middle of a big city. (Thanks London btw! Learn from experience)
I like the idea of Rome or Dublin right now. My penpal from US i actually going to be in Italy the next half year so maybe i can visit her? I don't know yet. But i NEED to get away from Denmark somehow. And - please - somewhere i haven't been before. I know my mom and dad is going to Rüdesheim AGAIN this year and then down to the family in France. It's like.. 10 years in a row... I simply can't do that anymore if i don't go anywhere else too.

So Dublin? Or Rome?

Maybe i'll do some pros and cons later.

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