Thursday 22 January 2015

Goodreads - Goal of the year in books

I don't know if i should do this or not, but in Septemper i signed up to Goodreads and for the first time i have made a goal about reading books. I am the slowest reader ever so the goal is only on 17 books this year. I am already to finish my third book so i'm doing great and maybe i put the goal to low?

Anyway i though that maybe i should start a write reviews of the books im reading? I have never really done it before, but why not try?

I will add a little application to the right on my blog, so you can see what book/books i am reading. Then you will have to click the link to Goodreads, if just want to know which i have already been reading. Also you can add me as friend on Goodreads if you like!

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