Monday 11 November 2013

"...No he is lying! It's TOKIO HOTEL!"

Just a quick update to say hey and WE FREAKING WON!

I have to admit that i did not think we had a big chance against the belibers, directioners and what every the other fanbases is named, but we did it!
The Aliens won the biggest fan award at the MTV EMA 2013 which is still going on in Amsterdam right now.
I think it's amazing how a band who have not been coming with any music for a couple of years can win this award, but that is just a prove of how dedicated the fans still are and we still love the guys ;-D

Of course i have been sitting on twitter for a long time to read all the hate comments from the other fanbases and i think it's great that they are so easy to piss off and im enjoying doing it xD  (Im a bad person i know)

But Congratulations to Tokio Hotel, to the Aliens and to us! Cheers!

"There is the nominees, but who will walk away with the price? Will you do the honor? You have the envelope."
"And the winner is...Justin Bieber..." * little girls scream*
"Hahahah he is lying!"
"No, it's TOKIO HOTEL!"

PRICELESS!! i don't like rappers, but i sure like this one fucking with the belibers xD (sorry my language)

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