Thursday 28 November 2013

NaNoWriMo winner! I DID IT!

I's so proud of myself because i did not think i could actually do it! I don't trink i have ever written that much in only 28 days.
The story is not done yet... far from done... i will continue writing it but not as fast as i did it the last month. I want to have a short break from the writing before i start again xD

The story is in Danish and the unedited version of it (with all my spelling mistakes and the damn commas) is on Movellas if you want to read the first 50.000 words :3

Im going to make a much better cover for it, but click the picture and find it on Movellas :3
Dansk resume:
Livet er skønt for Gabriella Harris på Duncan U fletcher High School i den dyre ende af Jacksonville. Hun har sine venner og hun har sine fjender og det hele kollidere i et ganske almindelig teenages liv. Dog ved hun ikke at skæbnen vil hende noget andet og et magisk smykke venter på hende på stranden og sender hende på en mission mellem to tidsperioder. Dronning Isis skal bruge hende til at genvinde magten over Egypten.

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