Friday 1 September 2017

Lindau - The city in the lake

On our way around Germany we stayed in the Lindau area near the Bodensee most of the time. We found it way easier to place our caravan somewhere and then drive around from there, even though it was more than 100km away.
The area is just up against the border to Austria, so you have to watch out and don't make the wrong turn, if you don't want to pay road taxes to drive in Austria.

In the area Lindau is a city called Lindau (such an imagination). It's a small city on a island in the Bodensee wihch is connected with two bridges. We used the eastern bridge and was met with a beautiful park/garden area with lots of colourful flowers on the right and a Casino on the left which isn't happy about you using their parking lot (We didn't realize it wasn't a public parking so we got locked in and had to ask them nicely if they would let us out again. Many other tourist did the same every day apparently).

One of the things Lindau is most known for is their harbour. Right at the entrence from the lake side are two gigant monuments. One of them is called the Bavarian Lion and the other is a beautiful lighthouse; both from 1856. The Bavarian Lion got its name from Bavaria, also known as Bayern in german. Bayern is the most south eastern state in Germany and of course where Lindau is. The Bavarian Lion can be seen on their coat of arms.

The new lighthouse and the Bavarian lion

The old lighthouse
Further in the harbour is the only lighthouse from 1300s which is much more colourful and unique in my opinion. Sadly you can't go inside like with the new one.
Along the harour is a wide selection of different restaurants and tourist shops. It is also possible to buy a boat trip on the Bodensee.

I have to admit that it was almost 40degrees when we went here and it was almost too hot ot do anything else but crawling in the shadows. We hurried throught the main street Maximillianstrasse and saw the old part of the city and St. Stephens Church from 1180.
I was a bit disappointed when we ran right past the Former Imperial City Library in the Old Town Hall. I love old libraries and the way they made books back in the days. But i'm more okay with it, after visiting the Library in St. Gallen.
The old town hall

Fun tip!!!
If you are ready to go for a long walk and want to see something a bit strange, then tage a walk along the water at sch├╝tzingerweg. There is a fun shop called Wiedemann Decoration GmbH which has mady strange sculptures in a hidden away garden. Everything in there is for sale but maybe a bit hard to take with you home. It's really beautiful though so its worth a visit!

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