Tuesday 8 March 2016

Florida International University

So we went to Miami after a week in Orlando to visit FIU (Florida International University). The fist day it was raining like crazy and we actually got lost on our way there, because it was raining so much that we could not see the roads we had to turn on. So people! IF it rains in Miami, it freaking rains in Miami. OK!
When we finally got there we ran from building to building to find our class and Professor Tanke. We were soaked when we finally sat down and i'm pretty sure that the american students were laughing at us. We could have come right up from the ocean and we would have looked the same. We soon found out that people in Miami are crazy abou the aircondition, so note to self; bring a sweatshirt next time you go to school and have to be indoor. They told us that there is a lot of aircondition on there schools because their professors have to wear kind of nice and formal clothes and it would be too hot for them. The University was so kind to us and gave us free dry shirts with the schools logo on.

In Professor Tanke's class we had about Multicultural Diversity. They take it much more serious than we do in Denmark and i do believe they think about it more than we do. It's not just about race but also age, religion and gender. It was kind of weird at first to discuss at first because we had about service and toursim? But as a lot of examples came on the table it all made sense.
One in particular i remembered was that one of our danish students said something like "All elderly people don't like to see people with piercings and tattoos behind the counter in a supermarked" and the american students all gasped. How could we say "all elderly people"?! It was too generalizing and mad to say. Im sure that if you said that in Denmark not anyone would see it as offensive in any way or you would just shrug. And not to be rude or anything but it sounds like that americans are easier to be offended and if you work in the tourism industry and world with people you have to be extra careful about what you say.

We went to the University the rest of the week and had the opportunity to really see how it was to go there and enjoy campus. It was so awesome and i'm a bit jealous about it.They had a pool right at campus and their canteen was a freaking Subway. Simple 6 menu, yes please! Give me all them cookies! Their library had a starbucks because... why not. I could really get use to it!

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