Tuesday 1 December 2015

My first big assignment...

...and it's actually not bad.

I was a little worried when they started with the sentence "You have to write 21 pages." Oh shit... But right now i'm actually positive and right now i'm at 7300+ out of the about 50.000 that makes the 21 pages.

I'm writing about the fact that people stop buying bundled offers from the travel agencies and tend to do everything by themself. Book plane, hotel and activities and how to make them buy the budled offers again so that the guide industry doesn't die out.
It's actually not the most uplifting assignment ever, now that i'm actually educated tour guide. I hope to find something good in the end or many find someone who has some good idea is can pull on.
But the whole assignment it so much easier to write, when you are writing about something that acutally matters to you or you are interested in. And i'mso happy that my old guideschool friends wanted to help me and answear all the questions i had about there destination and guests!

Now that i'm only going to write my assignment all December i guess i will have a lot of free time. I hope to read a few Christmas books and bake a few things and maybe actually be active on this blog, ey?
I'm going to help my dad at the veteran home where my dad is actually going to play Santa... yes... And uh! I'm going to a Christmas concert with Stig Rossen with my mom and grandma. He's the danish disney voice and the voice of Christmas in our home so i'm looking forward to that!

Here i sits and here i remain until done.

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