Thursday, 6 August 2015

Yet another summer in Rüdesheim am Rhein

After spending two weeks away from home (and stable wifi) i am now no the blog again, ready to write!

We went to Rüdesheim Am Rhein again this year, now that my parents do not have any wild imagination and don't want to drive that fare away with a caravan. I went with them because i didn't have to work and had nothing better to do.

An the other side, Rüdesheim sure is beautiful. The nature along the river Rhine is really something and hundreds of old castles is still places along the river. Many of them build by the old Romans when they owned the southern part of Germany/Germania. They used all this castles to own money from those who want to sail past with their goods that they had to sell elsewhere.

On both sides of the river there is a lot of vine fields. You can see how their small tractors are working their way up the hills. It sure must be risky working on those fields.
Every little city down along the Rhine has their own wines you can tast on the many restaurants. You can not find the wines in the Supermarkeds down there. If you look around there is small stores that specializes in local wines. There is actually also Weingärten (Vine gardens) where they only serv local wine. Not beer, no cola, no food. Only wine. They are normally owned by those who make the wine and is really charming small places.

Most of the main streets in Rüdesheim is fully conducted. Such german charm.
Everyone who comes to Rüdesheim, normally comes to experience the famous Drosselgaße. It is a very narrow street with lots of stores, german music and waiters in traditional german clothes. You can't find this amount of lederhosen and milkmaid clothes anywhere else.

I will be writing a few reviews and tips from my trip very soon.

Here is some pictures from my trip!
Rüdesheim from above the wine fileds on the hill (Bingen on the other side of the water)
Walk from the campsite to the turist city of Rüdesheim
Rüdesheimer schloss from Drosselgaße. When it rings there is a lot of turist arond because of
the small figures dancing around under the bells.

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