Thursday 14 May 2015

5 Seconds of Summer - Forum - 12th May

And finally the highlight of the year! Seing my biggest obsession live in Copenhagen. 5 Seconds of Summer live in front of my very own eyes! It was amazing!

But serious talk. I can't stop going on about these dudes and they are such a big part of my life, that it is almost ridiculous. The bands twitter and instagram are the first thing i'm looking at in the morning on my phone. So seing them live and get some real human behind all these silly pictures i see everywhere is so big for me!

 It was a long day. Camilla and i started up by taking the bus to the nearest trainstation to get to Aarhus. In Aarhus we had to take the concert bus to Copenhagen already at 1pm and we where at the venue arond 5.15pm. The queue was all the way around Forum when we got there, but the line was quick so it was okay. Some people got kick back in the line because they were running in, but seriously.. who is running in, when you have a seat ticket? You don't get any closer to your idol by running in to your seat.

The warm up band was Hey Violet and i have hear one song from them before the concert. The were okay, but i like bands with male leadsingers the best. I like their music, but i did not become a fan.

But when Ashton (the drummer) got on the stage.. HOLY SHIT i don't think i have ever been screaming that much in my life. He is starting up the show with some epic drumming before the others get on the stage and i didn't know what to do to myself because he is drop dead gorgeous and i was fangirling så hard. Though i don't think we was as "alive" as on the Live CD. You can hear him yelling all the time but he didn't approached the audience that much. Michael in the other hand did almost all the talking. He is a lillte cutie pie in a "punk rock" body.

Though the boys didn't seem so thrilled about Denmark.
To quote Michael; "Copenhagen your city is.......*Insert awkward silence here*... cool.."
They were talking about the bad weather they have had the two days they were here and how there was bikes everywhere. Ashton even wanted to know how many from the audience took the bike to the concert. It's funny how everyone always talks about bikes when it's Denmark. I don't think it's that bad.
They were talking a bit of danish but i didn't catch what ever they were trying to say. Though i do think Michael said "Godmorgen" in the Good Girls song after Calum sang "..and if you ask her she says.." I got it on video!
If you want to see the videos i got at the concert (I got a really great video of their new song Permanent Vacation) then the link to my youtube channel is above or here! Or you can click here to see the Good Girls song.

All my pics from the concert are on my twitter 

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