Wednesday 15 April 2015

Berlin - you most try Balzac Coffee!

If there is a thing i L-O-V-E about London, it is all the coffee places! It is a bit harder to find in Berlin (in my opinion) so when i found this place i was thrilled! 

It was across the street to the Check Point Charlie Museum so i went in there before and after my museum visit, because i just needed it. I am not a coffee drinker, but a tea drinker, so i can only take my moms word for it, but they made som great coffee and some great hot chocolate!
But what was the best, was actually the food. It was like i was back in the great London coffee shops! All the sandwiches!

But if you ever find a Balzac Coffe (which you absolutlly need) then try their mini donuts. I was in heaven and didn't wanted to share. You get 6 in a pack and i ate 4 of them... ups.. 

Anyway! The place was really old fashion and the tables looked like they were covered in old newspapers. They played music from the 60's and it was just really chill in there.

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