Thursday 2 January 2014

Package from the penpal!

A few days ago i got a package from the US from my lovely penpal :3
She is from the state of Colorado and is a tea drinker and dog lover like me!
We only write each other on email... well we use to xD  because we have been talking a lot about candy.. nice topic i know... but the candy here in Denmark is very different to what they have in the US and reverse, so we got the wunderful idea that we should use our money to send some candy halfway round the earth!!

I got her the famous danish licorice which i almost can imagine her spit out again, because we are the only people who eat it xD
TOM's chocolate and Kongen af Danamrk hard candy was in the backage too.. don't remember the rest... Well i send a drawing too :3

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