Saturday 21 September 2013

Haarkreide - Hair crayon

I don't know how to translate it from German to English, but i found this amazing product when i was reading a German magazine online,
This is simply crayon you can dye your hair with o.o  It will last untill you wash it, and then you can take a new color the next day!
After seeing some videos, i can tell that you need a straighteners on top of the crayon after dyeing it, but it looks better than extensions!

And the problem with dark hair and hairdye does not exist! you don't need blond hair!
I'll love to try it some day!
You can see videos and information about the product on the link if you want to read about it yourself, but it is in german, just so you know!


  1. My sister has some, not exactly the same, but it is hair crayon, maybe I can convince her to borrow them sometime? xD

    1. Uuuuh i really want to try them :o does it work the same way as these?

    2. It does indeed sound like it. My sister has red hair and it works, she makes rainbows in her hair with them xD